Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angry Birds, now a theme park attraction

The popular game Angry Birds for smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android phones, have been turning out profit of everything from t-shirts and teddy bears to board games and is now also a theme park attraction.

The goal of the Angry Birds stall is to shoot down balloon pigs with the use of a giant slingshot and those well known little birds as ammunition. So far the idea is a huge success and has attracted a lot of visitors since it's opening last Wednesday, and it has also made it to one of the theme parks more popular attractions.
   But just as with many other Chinese products the people behind this stall have not gotten permission to use the Angry Birds name or idea from Finnish Rovio who created Angry Birds.

A spokesperson from the amusement park said,
This is just a way for people to have fun and let off steam.
Usually when the Chinese copies Western products the procedure is to sue them and close down the copyright infringement, but instead the Finnish company has chosen not to. According to Rovio's Chinese spokeswoman Daisy Chang, the company will examine if they can cooperate with the amusement park. She states,
We would welcome a partnership, but Rovio would need to give them permission to use the Angry Birds game.
Rovio currently has a goal of reaching a 100 million downloads in China before the end of this year and the attraction could help them achieve this goal so it is also in their interest to spread awareness of their game.


  1. heheh angry bird funny game :D I very like this game :)

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  2. i looooooooove angry birds the best timewaste :)

  3. I've dreamt about angry birds, I may have to cut back a little bit.

  4. Cool! I will help Rovio out with his goal, and download it ^^

  5. Angry birds is now one of the most known games for mobile phones! Not weird tho, its an awesome game:D!

  6. Now THAT is a game that I would want to see at an amusement park near me.

  7. @Anthony
    It might be ;) Rovio have already made a deal with Disney to make an amusement park in the near future!

  8. Well...copyright infringement it is..