Thursday, September 8, 2011

Privacy Policy

I have added a privacy policy to the blog, since in the very near future such a policy might be a requirement by the European Union (EU).

The EU introduced a bill earlier this year as an effect of the privacy debate concerning tracking cookies placed by companies like Google and other similar services that track a users actions and pages they visit. Later it evolved into that all cookies should be included by the bill which suggested that websites that used cookies should actively get a users permission to every cookie that would be set in the users browser.
This bill was under massive critique since many websites use cookies for common functionality such as a cart on a webshop or simple login systems.
The law was supposed to take effect this year, but because of disagreement on how this law was supposed to be upheld and interpreted many countries in the EU has just chosen to wait until all the confusion has settled and a more reasonable law negotiated.
Following other websites footsteps, I have chosen to add a privacy policy that will explain what cookies are, what specific cookies are used by this blog, and just in case, how to disable them.

The policy can be found in the bottom of the page, and also here.

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