Thursday, August 18, 2011

McAfee's iPhone App

A new app for iPhone has emerged from McAfee, with functions such as remote wipe and locking it through their website.

This sounds all good and clingy but the two functions and more yet which the App ships with, are already built-in within the iPhone software and the service iCloud. Moreover the built-in functions have been available for over a year, so what was McAfee thinking when they put time and money into developing an app which there is no need for but costs a little more than 20$?

Apparently McAfee has some trouble developing good and useful security software, since it not only the iPhone software that is useless, but also their desktop anti-virus only detects about half of all infections on your computer. This clearly shows that McAfee isn't a leading security-software-developing company but just another Computer related firm with a useless product and too high prices... But isn't that just the standard nowadays?

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