Tuesday, August 23, 2011

µTorrent reaches a 100 million active users

Torrents are no doubt the most common way of sharing files, and has been that for quite some time now. But when it comes to torrent clients, µTorrent is undoubtedly the best client, or that's what it seemingly looks like.

Since µTorrent was released 6 years ago, it has gone through major changes. It went from being an all technical application for the it-skilled to being the most user-friendly torrent client around. And apparently the public thinks so to. Now µTorrent currently has 100 million active users a month which is   4 times more than for just 3 years ago and also the same amount of users as Twitter has.

That is quite the accomplishment, and even though the people behind µTorrent are overly excited, they are already taking a look at their next goal. Analysis shows that many of the users that download the software don't become regular users and that they want to change.