Monday, August 22, 2011

Microsoft giving away free phones!

Now that HP had announced they would stop developing WebOS, their shot at a mobile operating system, the app developers who have had their app published to the store can now contact Microsoft and get their very own, very free Windows Phone.

That is a very special offer and many developers were quick to claim their piece of the cake. Microsoft got almost 600 requests in the first 24 hours after releasing the message on twitter.

The reason for WebOS developers can get free phones is that WP 7 (Windows Phone) doesn't have a lot of apps and stuff as the android market and appstore has, and if Microsoft is to have any chance at all for getting into the smartphone market they need to appeal to the consumers with a lot of functionality and techie-stuff, they think. Therefore they have made this little offer to get the old WebOS developers to make apps for WP 7...

I believe it's the number of users that attract developers, but it's not the number of apps that attracts users, it is the product itself, in this case the phone.


  1. Idk. I'm too much of a fan of andriod to ever make a switch. cool blog though. +follow

  2. Lol first time I hear Microsoft and free in the same sentence!

  3. Bill gates finally realised how much money he had i see.

  4. wish i cud get a free phone! lmao if only i knew